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Track Name: Stolen Beats
Give me a beat so I can rip it!
Spit it, equip it, depict it with gimmicks
These nitwits and dimwits all can't get with it
I'm in it to win it just give me a minute
To rip it, to spit it, to fit it with ill shit
To spin it, to twist it, to pin it and kill it
To pit it against bits of musical fitness
To witness the whit quit before I lose interest
Give me a beat so I can rip it, quick, shit, you get it?
You get it?
I spit on stolen beats, but let's not get so serious
The manner of the matter is better left delirious
The fact is they'd be furious if they knew the truth
I didn't put in any work I just slipped inside the booth
And spat the words, I yell at mics all day
With that blah blah blah I've got nothing to say
But hey, it's gonna sound nice, so give it some play
One syllable rhyme, that shit is gay
Uh huh.
So let's get down to business, what way do you want it?
I can get down with that poetry or the dope shit I can flaunt it
The beat is haunted with the ghost of a former me so grand
You see I wanted it the most but the coroner wasn't planned
So when they ripped into my body for that unfortunate autopsy
They found the pieces of myself I swallowed whole; they got me
They found my peace of mind rotting and my conscious bloodied
Every good quality was devoured, but what'd they want from me?
I was gunning for my target, I was my nemesis
I was running for my life, yeah I built my genesis
I was funding all my troubles, leaving me penniless
I was shunning all my friends, feeding on emptiness
Stop it, bring it back, bring it back to basics
I'm just painting you a picture so I'll never have to face it
I'm a hack. I'm a bastard. I steal beats and that's the truth
Then I write up pointless lyrics like I've got something to prove
I'm just like you, honestly, let's have a conversation
All I think about is beats though so you'll have to have some patience
I don't think that you could take it, I'm more boring than you know
So why do I obtain this glory and why do I perform live shows?
It's a mystery to me! But I'll laugh away my nights
Because it's stupid how they glorify the lyrics that I write
As if you do not know my plight... As if I have a plight
So for the love of god, if you should see me perform this song
You'd better not applaud, 'cause I'm not performing shit
I'm just reciting lines in half the time it took me to think of it
Would you really fall for this?
The only real difference between us is the way we're facing
I'm looking at a crowd, and I have more room; I'm pacing
Mostly don't know what to write, meaningless; I'm spacing
We're mostly just the same inside, it's all about the casing
The point is this is clever because I'm breaking the fourth wall
You could have done it first, but you didn't after all
I beat you to it, so beat yourself up, I got here first
It doesn't excuse that these lyrics may be some of my worst
I think that I am cursed to write about the human condition
When my only real experience is mundane superstition
Don't get me wrong, I love it, I wouldn't reside to be
More like you, I'd rather live up to my notoriety
But it's easy, don't you understand, you can do it too
Just write a rhyming essay on what it means to be like you
Make sure it's personal so the audience can relate
Then steal up some dope beats and spit that shit onto a tape!
And then you're done, voila! That's all I ever did
I'm 21 right now but I'm still just a dumb kid
And I put myself on display and pretend I have control
But these lyrics are my cage now and I still depict my soul
Against the stolen beats, isn't that the saddest part?
I don't even put any effort into emptying my heart
Onto the page, I just pick up someone else's labor
Then I dip it in my brain and give it to the kids to savor
Suck on that, eat it up now! There's plenty more in stock
I can steal these beats forever and my cage is always locked
And I'm staring at the clocks and I'm reaching for the rocks
So I can maybe smash away and break away from this [box]
I guess it's not so bad though, from time to time I get a break
And they let me walk around, half the time I'm still awake
Though the sights and the sounds always make my stomach ache
Sometimes it's astonishing how we're mostly all fake
I made the realization quickly, then I penned it down to paper
I was writing it right now but I was saving it for later
This was my personal form of caging me to display to you
But we all take part in the phenomenon; Welcome to the zoo
Where we plaster insecurities in plain sight for pity
Who will stock the food dispensers in this thing we call a city?
We all just put ourselves on display to the masses
Experience exhibits while we ourselves don't grasp it
Life is short, so we engrave milestones to fast lines
Of art we relate to, and make this our favorite pastime
The last kind of mass mind controlling empty spaces
We cage ourselves in security bending mental cases
Here's my personal exhibit, how do you do?
I'll be visiting yours soon. Welcome to the zoo.
I said welcome to the zoo.
Welcome to the zoo.
Track Name: Better Than Ever
It was strange how I'd walk around sulking
The scenes of the world poking and provoking
Thoughts to arise the emotions evoking
Physical damage, felt like I was choking
And I know it seems tense, but I'm not even joking
Back in those days I was always hoping
That maybe it was me who was going to change everything
Clever things and better things never clung to the letter strings
So I found myself sitting hopeless and awkward
Wondering what I was even showing off for
What did I even talk for? I made a vow of silence
Mapped out my insecurities, broke it down to science
It took a few years of pondering and thinking
A few decades of wondering and sinking
But now I'm here and I broke through the little inklings
Penned down the notes that showed my world was shrinking
Now I'm back and I'm better than ever
I'll keep every promise right down to the letter
No more moping, why'd I even regret for?
From here on out things can only get better [x2]
I got a tattoo done with invisible ink
It simply states: You are more amazing than you think
And on gloomy days it serves as a reminder
I can't always see the beauty but the gaps aren't getting wider
And so I should remain kinder to those I come across
The golden rule clearly states it but I was at a loss
I was born to break rules and born to live in anarchy
Always thought of gold as such an odd commodity
When it really came down to it I found myself an oddity
Treat others with respect? It isn't how I oughtta be
But it's funny how it works, morals came from within
Hand crafted in my psyche, not a single one given
And I don't believe in god so don't even get started
If you want to, well that's fine, but I was still pure-hearted
Without any intervention, contemplate it if you could
I believe that human beings are still inherently good
Now I'm back and I'm better than ever
I'll keep every promise right down to the letter
No more moping, why'd I even regret for?
From here on out things can only get better [x4]
[Background harmonies]
Track Name: Influential (Feat. VR)
I thought we could just work this out easy
Or at least civil, you don't have to believe me
But trust me when I say this is not what I wanted
With every remark I made or every time that I taunted
It was all in jest, honestly intentions were best
But I must confess I like putting you to the test
It spiraled out of hand, now I change my plan
If you're going to play it that way then I'm taking a stand
I wanted a conversation, you took it as battle
Now you're playing the victim like I wanted the hassle
You know it's a sad tactic, a last resort
You're already looking foolish right? So what, it couldn't hurt
Huh, I'm basing my words on logic
And you're acting as if you can stop it
Funny how you're always fast to tell me to quit
When I didn't even start it, man, you're such a hypocrite

I'm influential, and essentially
It means that you can't get the best of me
And you'd better see that verbally
I've got the upper hand influentially
I'm influential see, and essentially
It means that you can't get the best of me
And you'd better see that eventually
I'll always get the upper hand influentially


Here we are, take me on, but know I never relent
I take pride in my actions and the points I present
Go ahead take an advance, try to alter my stance
Try as much as you like, but you don't have a chance
I use words as a weapon, so believe that all bets are off
Because my armory is stocked with a copious lexicon
Psychologies, manipulate 'em while I go debate 'em
Till your closest friends are singing my tune verbatim
You wanna step? I wish I had a nickle every time
I can turn the public against you and the planet on a dime
But let's be honest, that's generous of the thoughts I invest
Because really all I need to throw in is my two cents
You best prevent me from getting my point across
By just admitting that perhaps we would be better off
Not having this fight, I'm willing to compromise
That all along I was right, while you were filling up with lies

I'm influential, and essentially
It means that you can't get the best of me
And you'd better see that verbally
I've got the upper hand influentially
I'm influential see, and essentially
It means that you can't get the best of me
And you'd better see that eventually
I'll always get the upper hand influentially
Track Name: We Don't Know What We're Doing
No, no, I don't know
No, no, you don't know
No, no, we don't know
But we gotta push on, yeah we gotta gotta go, oh
I guess I best start at the beginning
But I got the whole world spinning
And where it stops I don't know but we're in the last inning
And the bases are loaded, the lyrics are coded
You can try to break it down cause the source is open
And I'm just hopin' for a moment of clarity
"There he goes again, searching for some charity"
You just don't understand the severity of the situation
I got my own car, moved out, and the world's still hatin'
Two jobs I work, sometimes I forget I need to eat
But I push on all the same so I don't lose the beat
I'm spittin' rhymes all the time, it's like nothings changed
It just got a little hectic, all the thoughts are re-arranged
And some people like to tell me that NOW I've done it
I pay to go to sleep under my roof, that's the summit
Get your priorities straight, because let me tell you this
We all don't know what the hell prosperity is
No, no, I don't know
No, no, you don't know
No, no, we don't know
But we gotta push on, yeah we gotta gotta go, oh
I used to have time and used to have money
Now I use all my time just to break even, it's kinda funny
In a "Help me, I need help!" kind of way
You can spare change or two cents, either way will make my day
Because your opinion is valuable, I can apply it to my music
I'm trying to stay sharp, I'm trying not to lose it
Try to fuse it to my routine, but it just doesn't seem to stick
The atrophy of my abilities are starting to make me sick
So tell me this, I dropped an album that people could relate to
You may not have liked it but you've gotta respect that they do
And I did it on my own time, put in a lot of heart
But it wasn't until now that I did something smart?
Creative endeavors get overshadowed by the majority
"Fall in line!" they won't be impressed by my priorities
They said it would be hard, I still think life's easy
The world is going to have to step it up to please me
No, no, I don't know
No, no, you don't know
No, no, we don't know
But we gotta push on, yeah we gotta gotta go, oh
I wrote the rest of this song months in advance
Now I'm finishing it up by reinstating my stance
Not too much has changed, I settled into new routines
I don't understand the ladder, detrimental as it seems
Moving into the "real world," I guess they call this victory
It just doesn't feel like some sort of huge step to me
We're skewed as a society, focused on these traditions
And I'm not saying don't move out, I'm saying this is not the limit
We can go so much further, we should seek so much more
Accomplish everything should we walk out the door
Survey the horizon for a limit to break through
Scoff when they offer one and readily take two
What's at stake? You can do this, and so can we
Victorious straight away, no Plan B
So we may have no idea, reinventing everything
The outlook of society is ever faster crumbling
Track Name: I Bet The Hipsters Will Really Dig This One
I'm on the move, I've got nothing to lose
Nothing to do, and even less to prove
Even the daily grind is getting left behind
From monotonous routines I have resigned
But I'm still going, aimless direction
All that I know is that I'll avoid attention
Resurrection of a former me that I remember
Call it a rebirth but really I am not that clever
Standing on the edge of something, some call it forever
But the edge is an illusion because it's ending never
That's the definition, get some intuition
I'm only wishin' that the world will stop bitchin'
You don't have to make it, you just have to take it
If you think the globe is boring then go ahead and shake it
Just realize your position, you're making it happen
Well unless you're sitting there slackin'
Whatever you choose, it's all on you
So get on your grind (Or not), whatever you decide to do

Oh my god man, I've got no street cred
That won't stop me, won't be defeated
This was almost a hook, but now it's done
Yo the hipsters are gonna fucking love me for this one

And I'm out of catchy choruses, let's get more boring
Hipsters don't like mainstream pop, here's the backstory:
They want exclusive songs, they want unknown jams
Hooks and structure are nothing but a bunch of scams
If everyone knows it's just not as cool
They got that secret society mentality, they totally rule
And I aim to please so I've kept anonymity
Invisible to those even directly in my vicinity
I have a strange affinity for songs that nobody likes
They were listening wrong and I'm performing it right
But if I go mainstream in the hipster crowd, will I become iconic?
I'll claim the popularity, but I'm just being ironic
Oh come on stop it, you're so off topic
All I've got is spare change in my pocket
Enough to buy ramen, real food is so mainstream
The internet is too common and hipster cat is a lame meme
Gangrene was too well known so I got gangblue
You can hear raving reviews from the crowd I sang too

And by crowd I mean the person sitting over in the corner
Pay for the show? They wouldn't even drop a quarter
Which is silly cause it kills me to know where they spend their money
Vintage clothing that they're holding when they're outta ends, it's funny
Shutter shades up on their faces, a never-ending battle
Between hipsters and the scene kids for the coolest of the cattle
Better saddle up and ride because we're running out of time
This song is obscure for a reason; read between the lines

So what am I really saying? Can I hook this to an anchor
What is this game we're playing? And who made you the banker?
I resign which is fine; rooted in popularity
Becoming a conformist is the root of all that's scaring me
It's very keen to use words that have outlived their time
But if you really don't want to carpe diem that's fine
Of course everyone says that, smoke 'em if you got em
A whole pack of incongruencies while I carpe noctem
And in autumn I'll be trying to spring forth with the notion
That we'll all be fine; plenty of shipwrecks in the ocean
It was some useless imagery that I use to pillage three
Four, five or even more from the eternal scrimmage scene

Okay bring it back, reel it in, it's getting out of hand now
The hipsters probably love me but it's time for them to stand down
I have a master plan, how do I implement it better?
When you have the faster hand the incentives in the cheddar
Take it right down to the letter realize it doesn't make sense
Hipsters propel the past to the future through the present tense
And it's mental yes, but it's a phase of our society
Maybe this silly song will gain me notoriety
Track Name: Unreal Estate
I've got unreal estate all over the place!
Digital, metaphysical, where I like to stay
I've got unreal estate all over the place!
I'm so rich with the itch, no work, all play!
I've got unreal estate all over the place!
Digital, metaphysical, where I like to stay
I've got unreal estate all over the place!
No taxin' just relaxin' like every single day
You can't even comprehend
All the places that I've been
You can't even handle this
So unreal it feels like bliss
Now where you goin', now what wha-whatcha doin'!?
I know it seems strange, you've never laid eyes on a human
But I'm here to stay, so get used to my new state of presense
I'm your new landlord and I'm picky 'bout my tenants
There's good news and bad news, which would you like first?
Well the bad news is the good news is about to get worse
Because for starters I think I'm kicking you out of this mansion
You're clogging up the hallways and it's time for an expansion
I need more room for me, my things, my space!
I'm plastering up portraits everywhere of my face
My taste, my waste, my place, my rules
I can customize so freely with this set of godly tools!
Click click, drag drop, it feels like I'm playing the Sims
But this is too surreally real to be a game I'm staying in
Try to deport me, report me, I don't care if you don't like it
I can afford to buy your township, don't even try to fight it!
I've got unreal estate all over the place!
Digital, metaphysical, where I like to stay
I've got unreal estate all over the place!
I'm so rich with the itch, no work, all play!
I've got unreal estate all over the place!
Digital, metaphysical, where I like to stay
I've got unreal estate all over the place!
No taxin' just relaxin' like every single day
Kids, if you really want to piss off your parents, buy real estate in an imaginary place!
Facebook flats? Yeah I got that!
Myspace mansions? Yeah I got that!
Tumblr townhouse? Yeah I got that!
Reddit ranch? Yeah I got that!
Bandcamp bungalow? Yeah I got that!
Comcast cabin? Yeah I got that!
Google grotto? Yeah I got that!
There's some crime up in my Xanga slums, I really oughtta stop that!
Everywhere and anywhere you know you know I bought that!
I'm president of ReverbNation so you know I'm on track!
Any site not givin' rights? Well you know I bomb that!
You can't even comprehend
All the places that I've been
You can't even handle this
So unreal it feels like bliss
I just gotta move, gotta get out to the internet
I found a way to live there and I've never been better set
For life, every night is a relexing getaway
Because I've got so much stock in the places that I stay!
I'll waste away in my kingdom but I'll be peaceful going down
What a lovely day for a stroll on the town
Yeah I'm so glad I thought of it first, I'm gonna feel great
Because I can't be bothered here, I've got unreal estate!
Track Name: People Person
I'm a people person, or at least I'd like to think so
There's just not that much flavor that I bring though
I enter conversations with a tendency to bail, sure
I'm the center of attention, it's a recipe for failure
I'm not to scale, words build my ego out of context
Always saying nothing, still sending out long texts
A novel idea, but there was nothing to say
I'm trying to fill the time with something today
But all I've got is beats, a microphone, and of course my voice
The nonsense that comes out is completely by choice
So it's amazing that I choose to use music in a manner
Synonymous with ranting written in my private planner
The lyrics are a downer when the situations worsen
And to my surprise I find that I'm a relatable person
Nice guys don't finish first, maybe I'll switch my team
But I can't, that visions just a glitch in the machine

People don't come to hang with me, they come to meet others
Maybe some new friends, sometimes finding a new lover
I guess I provide a service, come on over, it's something to do
I'll be waiting man, I can't wait to meet you
I'll chat for awhile, maybe offer you a snack to eat
But no one's allowed over when I'm laying words over a beat
And so I feel selfish, let it go to my head
Then I end up never seeing productivity again
It's a balance beam man, find your passion and your friends
Give them equal worth and then the path will never ever bend
I wish I'd take my advice, instead I picked up a pen
Scribbled in the margins about how this was the end
The language was a godsend, sent the power to play god
I wrote my own destiny and at the end it was quite odd
I got to build this life and it was just a facade
But I found tranquility so I gave heaven a nod

I'm a people person, or at least that's what they tell me
The more I think about it though the more the image isn't selling
Got a strong mentality, I can't seem to apply it
Quiet personality with the persona of a riot
Auto-pilot guides my actions so a break from the routine
Is a deadly chain reaction caused by jams in the machine
I feel so human sometimes, emotions are a nuisense
I try to govern them with logic but sometimes I get imprudent
I'm a student and class is always in session
A lesson learned is questions earned towards my progression
Repression of depression is an obvious transgression
But I digress then, it's all a meaningless expression
One confession: sometimes I feel sad, but never discontent
It's not a call for help, that's never what I meant
What I'm really getting at is sometimes situations worsen
But I'm fine, all in all I'm just not a people person
Track Name: Game Over
Like a virgin man, you just don't get it
Yeah I said it, you best give credit
I didn't make edits and I don't regret it
You underestimated me, man don't sweat it
I'm surpassing you, the better gentleman
Make me an offer, but I'm better than settling
And you scream "No fair!" like a free taxi cab
You're a leech, period. Call you Max E. Padd.
I've got no handicaps, I'm playing highest difficulty
Your skills are nonexistent and your equipment faulty
You best exalt me, I didn't come for your cursin'
Cussing up a storm because I finished first then
You get upset, or maybe get downtrodden
People like me better, this may sound odd then
But don't give up, I kinda like your struggle
The meanings complex but the facade subtle
You're trapped in a game by the name of Trouble
Don't try to break free, I won't burst the bubble
Just pop pop click, and I advance my spaces
Sorry man we won't be trading places
Just roll that die, deal with my multiple faces
And then get the hell out of my good graces
Check the first line, you won't be stealing bases
You're too squeamish and your music is tasteless
What I'm trying to say is you're doomed to fail
Like a high school couple flying off the rails
Like Native Americans crying on the trails
Like car-salesmen lying on their sales
Like a weak carpenter prying out the nails
I know that you're trying but to no avail
I'm just too massive, a modern monstrosity
Monolithic menace and there is no stoppin' me
Honestly, do you believe the hype?
Don't, because the media ain't my type
I'm all that's left, you better get it right
I'm a Facebook status, what's not to like?
Track Name: Entitled (Feat. Joey Z)
Now wait hold up, just one minute
I take a look around and I just don't get it
People tryin'a make edits to their life so drastic
Hasty and fast, shit, their lives are so plastic
So built up from magic, but so flawed and so tragic
Like you could be blessed but you don't need that shit
Not that, it's static, a better life, you have it
God forbid that you have to go out there and grab it

Earn it? I'm telling you, that's so pre-internet era
Like we're all connected so we see when it's unfair, huh
I woulda figured opposite to ring more true
Like you can always find out who's more unfortunate than you
So sorry dude, your three wishes not so vital
You didn't win some cosmic lottery and you are not entitled
To everything you're claiming, you just found out where the buck stops
So suck lots of luck loss and most of all fuck off
And it's like nice guys, nice guys, look at all the nice guys
Nice try nice guys it's all a bunch of nice lies
But self-proclaimed nice guys are so full of it, it sickens me
Because what is the end goal of the picture you're envisioning?
Do you feel you deserve a girl because you're not a jerk?
What else you got to offer? You better get on back to work
Because sure you're not an asshole, but this assholes got credentials
I'm leveling so fast and past those nice guys exponential
You don't get to complain about the sad life you're livin'
And your biggest attraction to the ladies should not be a given!
Of COURSE they want a nice guy, but it's taking so much more
Why would they want to hear you drone on? You are such a bore
So what's in store? Another lonely night of you playing the victim
Like women are the enemy because you cannot get 'em
And so now I pose the question, who's the asshole in this lesson?
Is it me or is it the one who's living with a venomous perception?

The world don't fuckin owe you anything, and neither does that cute girl living next to you
The one you say's the best to you, you're dreaming that she'll rescue you from loneliness
Too bad you only give a shit because you figure you'll be boning in a minute 'til she gets it and rejects you in that instant
Now you're pissed and typing bitching on your tumblr
Talkin bout how you loved her and how she broke your heart
And how now you're all broke apart, but somehow it's all her fault
Just 'cause she has better interests than a sexist beta hipster into modern art
FUCK THAT, get ya mind right, fix inaccurate hindsight
Meant to be 20/20 but you're blinded in your mind's eye with that nice guy perception so you'd better take this lesson just 'cause she thinks you're friendly ain't an automatic makeout session
Count your blessings instead of spending your time posting "Forever Alone" memes
Sitting before that glowing screen blowing steam at your bros 'cause she moved on so easily from you
Maybe if you thought about her feelings for once you'd get some, douche
Track Name: Lyrical Spiritual Miracle
I am a human being, I'm here to work and evolve
Maybe I just don't get it, but I know that you don't got it solved
Just by pretending that you're deep, you know it all through a spiritual
Life is grand, nature is beautiful, but nothing is a miracle
Do you hear me? You've got this notion of connection
Psychological basis of a spiritual direction
Based on unity and love but no respect for the faction
Of the chemical reactions that constantly take action
And the fact is that the tactics of your practice are regressing
To a point of elasticity until it all becomes depressing
Feelings are bending into shapes that will melt into disappointment
So while you're enlightened I'd just do your best to enjoy it
I'm sick of it, and I mean really sick of it
Deep pseudo-intellectual and spiritual sentiments
They've got it all figured out, it only took enlightenment
Oh and a pile of drugs, don't forget all the acid hits

They blow holes through their brains, are they going insane?
Maybe I'm being too harsh, there's no reason to complain
Yeah I'm just annoyed, I've got no problem with them personally
I've met a lot of them, and they're cool, and they're not hurting me
But what is this!? Are you seriously going to tell me you know?
Yeah we are all organic and both humans and plants grow
And we all came from the Earth, and nature IS beautiful
But you take the concepts too far, I just want you to know
That we are made of matter, it's not deep, it's scientific
The way our brains are wired is what's deep and intrinsic
But not your thoughts, I mean your thoughts are, but not your thoughts
Do you follow what I mean? Does it matter? It does not
And I'm not saying don't be happy, just stop talking to me
Because if we're all one I'm leaving the chain in order to be
An individual, don't break it down, don't cause it to shatter
I am a human being, not a condensed ball of matter

You can look at my building blocks, observe the chemicals
But don't break it down, don't break it down, just let it go
Because we'll all float away, we'll be just dust in the wind
Put back together, see big picture, your scope is a pin
You're trying so hard to be deep, but do you even understand?
There isn't an outline and there was never some sort of plan
We're floating through the universe on this ball of organics
We make changes volcanic, and our bodies host mechanics
That we don't comprehend, I guess we're all the children of the planet
Balls of light floating through storms until we crash into granite
I just don't understand it, the mentality to be subscribed
Where everything is a miracle and every feelings described

Some things are and some things aren't, that's just the way that it goes
I appreciate the dirt but I don't need to feel it under my toes
And everything comes from nature, there's nothing that didn't
So protect yourself and your friends until you run out of minutes
But time, time doesn't exist, it's just a series of numbers
Created for organization, all in the head of another
All in the blink of an eye, we realize that we truly exist
Searching for happiness and bliss, but how can you live like this?
Track Name: Drifter
I've met a lot of people on my journey
I think that I'll continue to meet more
I don't know why, there's nothing in it for me
I can't explain the reasons that I do this for
Maybe I'm searching for something like everybody
But it seems so unlikely at this point
Because I've seen so many people search hopelessly
And I've given up the hope of finding joy
It's not a pessimistic take on where I'm going
It's just a realistic realization that I had
Because the joy that I gave up isn't fleeting
And leaving the chase isn't going to make me sad
I just don't believe that we have to run into it blindly
I manufactured happiness from within
I'm leaving all the obstacles behind me
For a clear path on which my new journey shall begin

I think I've lost sight of where I'm headed
I've met a lot of people along the way
Some have stolen, some have been friendly
But I'm glad for everyone I've met every day
There's too many people for me to stay sane though
I feel I'm reaching my capacity
Too many stories for me to hold on to
Every new life the dawn of catastrophe
I've learned a lot of things about their sorrows
I've witnessed them indulge in their regrets
Trading yesterdays away for their tomorrows
A transaction that they won't soon forget
Their vices chip away at their integrity
Until they start to forget who they really are
Identity dwindles by their nightstands
Reflections as they gaze upon the stars

They fall asleep and dream of their lost causes
And every value that they buried for their chances
Every human held together by their flaws
But necessary in their eyes for their advances
I've met a lot of different types of people
They all had something they wanted to say
Some claimed benevolence while some volunteered evil
And all they needed was just to get their way
Some were tolerant, others were more pushy
But I firmly listened and I held my ground
Some tried to convert me, others let it go
Because they knew I wouldn't always be around
I'm a drifter, and I've seen a lot of people
I've talked to a fraction of the ones I've met
And of the ones with whom I've had direct contact
Only a portion of them have even made a dent


My personality is not easily molded
I'm not a malleable type by any means
I don't try to act like I have made a difference
But it's nice to fall asleep and have decent dreams
I've met a lot of people with different agendas
They all had something they wanted to do
Except for the people I met with no direction
Just like me, just like them, just like you
It is my belief that we are all drifters on this island
But it's not as deep as I may lead you to believe
It's just an exercise in thinking on the large scale
About the things that you must struggle to conceive
The universe is expanding, and we are not
So what are we looking for among ourselves?
Some want love and others want security
Some want to avoid going to hell
I know a guy who is searching for love
He's hellbent on finding the right girl
I know a girl who's working on her career
And she wouldn't give up her dreams for the world


I know a girl who thinks it's collapsing around her
I know a guy who doesn't know what else to do
I know a girl who just feels lonely in her bed
I know that every night I'm feeling lonely too
But I also know that I've met a lot of people
And I'm not searching for the things that they used to
I'm trying to work my way through the day and make it home
Just searching for that moment that I can take off my shoes
Rest my feet and go to sleep for an hour
Wake up and then I'll get right back to work
Because on my way I know I've met a lot of people
But I'm sure that meeting one more couldn't hurt
I'm not searching for a person in particular
I just like to see what they think that they're worth
On my way I have met a lot of people
And I'm sure that meeting just one more couldn't hurt
Track Name: Arsonist
It's nothing personal... It's just how it goes
In retrospect I guess some of the ill intent shows
I don't intend to stop... Don't even intend to give warning
I don't pretend to feel guilt and won't be caught mourning
So why am I speaking to you? I guess it's a good question
I don't do it for infamy, revenge, or attention
And I want to call into view my real true intentions
I just can't help myself, it's beyond comprehension
I want to watch it burn down...
I need to watch it burn down...
I'll take it down, take it down, take it down to the ground
And I'm an arsonist
Can you hear that sound?
Burn baby burn, burn it all into nothing
They say you've gotta have hobbies, well at least I've got something
And I'm running, running, running, they can't handle the heat
I hit the pavement with the lighter and I'm dousing the streets
I don't burn bridges, I cross them and burn the damn cities
I just can't help myself, the flames are so pretty
My gaze was cold as I watched, but not cold enough to keep them alive
I burnt their city to the ground; the only one to survive
And I'm an arsonist
And I'm an arsonist
There's something so majestic about the way fire feeds
As it devours the trees, as it consumes what it breathes
And it's taking the lead on the panicked stampede
It freed the greed for life, they plead but it's picking up speed
And they scream while they bleed, and the inferno proceeds
To pick up and claim anything and everything it could need
And I stand safely in the distance and marvel in the beauty
To set this world ablaze I feel as though it were my sworn duty
Cause I'm an arsonist...
And I'm an arsonist...
I'll take it down, take it down, take it down to the ground
And I'm an arsonist
Can you hear that sound?
This wasn't a fair hearing it was trial by fire
As the smoke was clearing circumstances were dire
I was turning up the heat, you were sleeping so sound
Now it's burning up the streets and reaping the town
I want to watch it burn down...
I need to watch it burn down...
I'll take it down, take it down, take it down to the ground
And I'm an arsonist
Can you hear that sound?
I just can't help myself... I love to watch the flames dance
We've all been there before, yeah we've all had the same chance
I grasped the opportunity when it knocked on my door
And then I left my home quietly as I settled the score
I returned the next week to find a pile of ashes
The despair stricken scene and my smile; it clashes
But the world is my firepit, this is wise to remember
Anywhere I go I leave nothing behind but a pile of embers
And I'm an arsonist...
And I'm an arsonist...
Track Name: Homicide
There was a man, his name was Mike, such an ordinary man
He lived his life simple according to his plan
Lived alone, 22, knew exactly what to do
Stuck to his plan tighter than crazy glue
Don't miscontrue, he was a good guy, morals in place
His religion: Superstition, didn't want to fall from grace
He feared death and the prospect of being erased
From the planet, couldn't stand it, and he had so many ways

To stop from thinking about it, to distract his mind
But one day he came home from from his job to find
A note left for him, he read it slowly and gasped
The reason lost on him, reality hard to grasp
See Mike had a girlfriend he'd been dating for years
Losing her was rooted in the deepest of his fears
He loved her so dearly, read the note again clearly
He could feel the eyes of the devil on him; peering

The note didn't ask for ransom, he wasn't rich
They wanted him to murder for her; that was the gist
"Kill three innocent people or we murder the bitch.
You have an hour, just throw their bodies into this ditch."
Address enclosed, his eyes then closed and his breath grew deep
And when he opened them again accepted he wasn't asleep
He screamed so loud, fell to his knees, tears welled up in his eyes
Without giving so much thought he then geared up in a disguise

See Mike was not a killer, but tonight he'd commit homicide
For the love of his life he'd make sure three others died
Nightmare consuming quickly, sun had just set
With no elegant weapon a kitchen knife was his best bet
"And don't forget the time limit" said the voice in his head
Panic getting better of him, had to leave some people dead
He knelt down and said a prayer, asking god to forgive
He didn't ask for this task, just wanted his love to live

And with a sob and a breath he took off into the night
To find the first three people and to steal away their life
It didn't feel right, but Mike wasn't gonna let his girlfriend die
Perched in an alleyway a woman walking caught his eye
And so with one swift motion grabbed her, ready to attack
Softly said "I'm sorry," and with that plunged the knife into her back
Trying not to get caught, the cycle was set to repeat
Did the deed, grabbed the bodies and set off to retreat

Dumped the bodies in the ditch and got his girlfriend back safely
Look at him in disgust, or say that he acted bravely
Now Mike never got caught, but he lived with the shame
Every day from then on it weighed heavy on his brain
Slowly driving him insane, his regrets were not in vain
Haunted by the experience which soon became his bane
He did what it took to save her, in his head it was right
So tell me, how much do you value love and unknown human life?
Track Name: Stole Your Girl
I stole your girl
Stole your girl
Stole your girl
I don't care
All is fair
Love and war
She wants me
More than you (x3)

It started awhile ago and I've noticed a pattern
This dudes acting strange and I'm thinking "Uh, what's the matter?"
Yeah I'm kinda flattered that you view me as competition
But it's all just in your head, you're thinking with tunnel vision
To see me as a threat, you bet I'm probably up there
But don't have your mind set, because I most likely don't care
I don't hit on girls that are already taken
So the majority of dudes are really quite mistaken
They think I'm faking when I claim that I'm not the enemy
I'm not going sleep with your girl just because she befriended me
And she's talking to me more now, she says I'm a real nice guy
Well damn, guess I did steal your girl and I didn't even have to try
Must be because I'm so great, and no I don't mean to sound arrogant
But this trend has been set so the results are quite apparant
Now with me in the picture you are feeling so annoyed
Every move that I make has got you paranoid

I stole your girl
Stole your girl
Stole your girl
I don't care
All is fair
Love and war
She wants me
More than you

And in most of these cases I was friends before they ever were
So it's really quite amusing when they tell me not to talk to her
Because dude it's not really my fault that we have already met
It's your overbearing paranoia that's leaving you upset
And eventually this feeling will get you caught up in your head
Until you really screw it up and she leaves your ass instead
When she ends up dating me, I'll be laughing at the situation
Yo, you blew it for yourself by giving into your frustration

I stole your girl
Stole your girl
Stole your girl
I don't care
All is fair
Love and war
She wants me
More than you
Track Name: TMI Tuesday (Feat. Dr.3AM)
Let me open the floor, got questions?
accidentally opened the door to dejection
take a step back, look at what's asked
who's keeping tabs, who's laughing right back
its sad, the lowness that they'll go
what's my fav sex posish? why should you know?
Secret crushes, leaving blushes, pushing buttons, when I'm tumblin'
who's hunting, for some bumping, while still stumping, girls fronting
I'm waiting for the news report of a 50 year old
creepin' on your formspring with one ultimate goal
the trolls pointing out my imperfections
Oh how I wish text could convey my inflections
Maybe I'm paranoid but my secrets are mine for a reason
stop liking everything I post, anonymous, I feel like you're creepin'
This day and age we've made stalking so easy!
Cuz links to your pictures beats standing in your tree!

TMI Tuesday, ask me anything
Because I like to hear the praises many sing
Attention seekers, info leakers, gossip preachers, late night freakers
Deep reachers, sex beseechers, nonsense teachers, life leechers
I am the keeper of secrets, you all want to know
And the best part is it's mobile so I can taunt on the go
I can flaunt you with flow, I can remind you to question
If you're so interested I could teach you the lessons
Freestyle it; Formspring sessions - Lend me your ears
'Cause I know you're just so curious about all my fears
About my confidence in me, about my everything else
About my sex life mostly, anonymous? Well, well, well...
I'll answer your riddles three but you've gotta tell me
When we're done with this dance where are you gonna be?
Cause from where I'm sitting this looks more like an invitation
Don't ask about my dick if you don't want the confirmation!

What's my biggest fear? I don't know
maybe being creeped on by someone on the down low
take a seat, no I'm not chris hanson
but to the credit of to catch a predator you could be the next manson
Broad statement "did you know I have a crush on you?"
um no I really didn't when you're name is out of view
So please, stop asking, better yet I'm out
"what's your password?" that's it I'm deleting this account...

Now it's not like I don't understand the need for attention
Egotastic elastics spread thin for a personal mention
I understand the psychology, it's not a difficult thought, right?
Hell I love attention, why else would I put myself in a spotlight?
But it's ridiculous, I must admit, the way it's taken over though
I'm brushing the chip off of my now vacant shoulder yo
And challenging directly, will you answer THIS question?
Or should I wait until Tuesday, the day of confession
Let me ask you a question, do you feel safe and secure?
You just want some attention, get the hell outta here
Never feel worthless again when you can open the floodgates
To the creepers late at night, seriously why are you awake!?
TMI Tuesday, great if you're a girl I suppose
Like tell me more about yourself... will you take off your clothes?
Ask ANYTHING about her, but they don't give a fuck
What they really care about? "Uh, how many dicks have you sucked!?"

Shh be cautious I know its hard
this international scramble is in your front yard
but know this, the malicious lurk so easily
anyone who's asking too much can be creepin' me
peeping' me, like a thief in the night
or maybe they're just starting a fight
the problem is its too murky to tell
if they're hiding malevolence to well
who's to say they're not your nemesis
only wanting to know you to leave heftier blemishes
When it all comes down what'll you do
you're hard earned life all beaten and blue
just because someone asked the right question
and you let your guard down because you thought the best of em'
like the rest of em' you're destiny is in the wrong hands
how does it feel to be bested by the anonymous strong hands

It seems we're regressing into a state of isolation
Your head just might explode at this rate of inflation
I could pose many questions, but let's be honest a second
You wouldn't even enjoy the inquiries that I beckon
Because they're a little bit deeper than the petty gossip
The sex drive is fun, but at some point you should stop it
Crumple up every questionnaire and toss it to the basket
If I want to know something about you, how about I just ask it!?
Track Name: Good Luck
Good luck... Wherever you go
Good luck... I just want you to know
Good luck with everything, I hope you succeed
Because it seems good luck is all that we need
Good luck... With whatever you do
Good luck... I just want to tell you
Good luck with everything, I hope it goes well
Because with our luck on the line it gets so hard to tell
So... It's finally come to this
A crooked smile and two lazy fists
A contradictory mind and a perplexed heart
Tapestries woven psychological; complex art
It's a start... But where are we going?
We bet on the future because none are all-knowing
They pretend to have skill but it's all just a gamble
The rants of the past are just nonsensical rambles
Because if history repeats we can all just rest easy
But instead we stay up and hope; so greedy
So needy, that's we, humanity struggles
Good luck with your endeavors, looks like you're in trouble
But we strain with such vigor, enforced tenacity
We're all going down, all endorsed by gravity
So good luck with your everything, especially the landing
We can only hope to stick it without so intently planning
Good luck... Wherever you go
Good luck... I just want you to know
Good luck with everything, I hope you succeed
Because it seems good luck is all that we need
Good luck... With whatever you do
Good luck... I just want to tell you
Good luck with everything, I hope it goes well
Because with our luck on the line it gets so hard to tell
I once carried a bible in my pocket wherever I'd go
Not because I believe in it, I just happen to know
That everyone needs a good luck charm, like a four leaf clover
I had pages of luck I could bank on till it's over
But I changed up my ways, now I play a new game
Lucky number 13, stepping on cracks, I'm insane
Break mirrors under ladders, I'm breeding black cats
You can't stop the escalation, I'm done and that's that
See we all just need something easy to blame
I've created this scapegoat, I've bound it to my name
So I no longer live with guilt, nor do I harbor the shame
I've been feeling care-free since I left my soul stained
With the stigma of bad luck, see I'm never at fault
Anything and everything will forever result
In my victory or failure, but never at my own cost
Good luck? I don't need that, I already lost
Good luck... Wherever you go
Good luck... I just want you to know
Good luck with everything, I hope you succeed
Because it seems good luck is all that we need
Good luck... With whatever you do
Good luck... I just want to tell you
Good luck with everything, I hope it goes well
Because with our luck on the line it gets so hard to tell
Track Name: Yeah Yeah, Okay
We've got a lot of ground to cover so we'd better get started
Mainstream suicide, you can read my letter, departed
I've got opinions bottled up but I'm breaking the glass
Let 'em spill without regard, no ones making it past
So first off fuck you if you don't agree with what I say
That's the thesis for my arguments, yeah, yeah, okay
A stronger point I would argue but let's not get it muddled
A more intelligent track would just get lost in the shuffle
Ponder the bubble, think outside the box
It'll burst, no trouble, now we pick the locks
Do you follow? If not, I guess you just don't "get me"
This is some futuristic shit, y'all just weren't ready
There's two points to be extrapolated, just demonstrated
Intelligence to be sought after; never forcefully created
I debated the merits of explaining the bullets
But I wanted to be damn sure that everyone knows it
Hold it, oh shit, I stole it, the flow hit, and the show is mine
Why do I rap about why I'm better every time?
I know it goes without saying, I could just be a mime
And you would still quake in fear of my venomous rhymes
But let's suppose you didn't know, you want me to prove it
It's evident the evidence is everywhere in my music
Got heart and soul, my art is full of pieces of myself
To craft these masterpieces I outsource my own mental health
Which is why it's edgy but unbreakable, prominent stealth
To beat a dead horse: No charge, I do it not for the wealth
And furthermore I further scores, nobody is beating me
It's pure, fresh, and free, and I'm working so frequently
Prolific, I drop albums like huge bombs, Megaton
You thought you could compare, thought you had the leg up? Run.
I understand that you didn't expect an album like this, fifty discs?
I've got more tracks than trains, on some Final Fantasy shit
I spit that whit that's legit, do it slow or quick
No matter the tempo I make sure the points stick
Don't skim the waters, rock the boat, I'm on that motivation tip
You'll drudge through slowly because the content is thick
So let's get down to it, I think I've made my introduction
But you've gotta boast a little bit before you dive into gumption
A little something I call ear candy, but it goes from sweet to sour
Sneaks up on the unknowing, cause the weak to cower
"So StarF, why don't you rap a little more about girls!?"
Yeah yeah, okay, if I write one more love song I'll hurl
Because I'm getting sick of it, it's not to say I don't care
But love songs are no longer special, so it's rather unfair
I don't transmute relationships to lyrics, an insult to them
I refuse to use inspiration derived from girls again
And let's face it, it's boring, how many times could you take it?
Oh look at me, so sad, do you want to hear my heart breaking?
No? Okay good, let's get on with our lives
We can all agree that love rap is trite and contrived
I'm sure I'll play the hypocrite at least a few more times
Because let's face it, I can't keep girls out of my rhymes
I guess it's an easy avenue, the more I contemplate
I'll use my failed relationships as a way for you to relate
So at least I get something out of every time I fuck up
And if I do get the girl eventually I'll chalk that up to dumb luck
"Okay fine, but maybe you should rap some more about drugs!"
I thought the two went hand in hand, I was strung out on love
But you got me, I don't partake and I feel that grants me benevolence
It's like I'm so superior, you can't belittle my intelligence
But that's stupid, ironic, all the drugs are iconic
Just because I don't use them doesn't mean I should flaunt it
Some people exalt me, some ask "Why won't you?"
But a person should never be defined by what they don't do
But if you must know, I spent the first half of my life fighting doctors
Trying not to take their pills, didn't want my perception altered
So I guess the mindset stuck, and now I'd rather not slip
Yeah I'm resilient as fuck so I don't need to take a trip
I remember every moment of my life with pristine clarity
Got you screamin' "Stop that StarF, you're really scaring me!"
Why do I still know that!? Right, I don't drink away my past
Got good and bad on tap, my life was built to last
"Well fine, but hey StarF, why don't you write a song with a purpose?"
Yeah yeah, okay, you got me, my discography is worthless
I just keep trying to go on about how I'm oh so intelligent
Let's play a fun game called "How long can StarF remain relevant!?"
I'll pretend I'm the greatest, that'll be my life's thesis
Are you blind? I bring it back, fuck you if you can't see this
I probably don't like you, I'm not being serious clearly
I don't have a superiority complex, I'm just better, it's simple really
Track Name: One For The Road
Where I'm going
Where I've been
This one's for the road again
Some days I spend more time driving than I spend sleeping
It's true, it's messing with the schedule that I've been keeping
It's been seaping into everything, rattling my brain
A screw loose in my vehicle; or maybe I'm just insane
I'm a good pilot though, stellar captain, first person view
We're all under the spell and I handle the curse worse than you
But that's okay, I'll drive it off again, just me and empty roads
From the endless destinations and then back to my abode
But not my home, no never home, I can never integrate
My biggest fear is all the thinking will melt the love into hate
And into space I often stare while cruise control will speed
I ignore the flash and sirens 'cause there's something that I need
I will reach my destination with time to spare or in pieces
But not until the apprehension or the fear decreases
So one more time, just one more time, I'm on the road again
Where sleep and crisis intersect and fold up into the bends
Where I'm going
Where I've been
This one's for the road again
Don't believe me when I say I know exactly where I'm going
I strip pieces of my vehicle until my heart is showing
And it's glowing shades of ultraviolet, harboring the cancer
The road is tired of my exhaustion and is waiting on an answer
That I can't give it, I don't have it, if I did I wouldn't be driving
Meanwhile the sickness in my veins is happy as it's thriving
It feeds on every syllable that I stack wrong and out of place
It needs me to be killable when I crash and skin my face
And I was writing you a letter when I realized I broke the meter
Now I'm measuring my ability to make miles by the liter
I'll deliver it by hand or I'll deliver it on foot
But make no mistake, I'll give more than I mistook
I try to hide regrets, I can't forget, the road is just too cruel
When it's just me and my lonely thoughts all I can think about is you
I learned to read between the lines, from the yellows to the whites
From my place and back to yours, the hellos and the goodnights
Where I'm going
Where I've been
This one's for the road again
And I don't want to seem melodramatic
It's not based on needless angst
Maybe a little bit
You just don't understand
How could you?
Neither can I...
Somewhere between agony and infinity
The plans to reach the endgame and where I begin to be
The girls with an agenda and the ones really into me
From the people I am close to and those just in my vicinity
I will find the perfect balance, I will mend the broken wheels
I will complete every challenge, I will know just how it feels
And so will you, I'll make sure of that, my beauty of the night
Haunting in every street sign I read when you're just out of sight
The clouds have opened up to show me dead stars proudly in the sky
Memories of a forgotten nightlight as we slowly watch them die
I'll be there for every single one, just me, the road, and you
My silence wasn't planned, it was just all that I could do
I can't stop myself from wanting this, it's not a bad thing though
I just need to calibrate my actions when I'm on the go
And when my actions fail to line up with the stimulus I send
I'll find myself swimming in my thoughts alone
Me and the road again
Track Name: Stalker
I'm a stalker, I'm gonna follow you home
Wherever you're going, that's where I'm gonna roam
Cause I'm a stalker, I've got my eyes on you
Best believe that I'm watching everything that you do
I'm a stalker, I've got your pictures on file
And I've been keeping a close watch on you for awhile
Cause I'm a stalker, I'll watch you to the end
You don't know me, but you've never had a closer friend

My name is StarF and I'm the stalker supreme
They say I'm kinda crazy and what I do is extreme
I've been following this girl for a couple of weeks
Caught my eye on the street with her luscious physique
Now it's Friday, she's heading back home from the bar
I'm sitting across the street, watching her from my car
I get out and follow from a distance, I've gotta sneak
I know I'm a bit obsessed, some have called me a freak
It's nothing major, I don't let minor matters get in my way
I'll follow whoever I want, I don't care what anyone has to say
I've got photos, audio clips, even snatched a lock of your hair
They want to put me away but I just don't think it's fair
I've got duplicate keys, I've been all through your place
I look all around and get out without leaving a trace
I'm not causing harm, cause what you don't know can't hurt
It just makes you confused as you try to find your missing shirt

I'm a stalker, I'm gonna follow you home
Wherever you're going, that's where I'm gonna roam
Cause I'm a stalker, I've got my eyes on you
Best believe that I'm watching everything that you do
I'm a stalker, I've got your pictures on file
And I've been keeping a close watch on you for awhile
Cause I'm a stalker, I'll watch you to the end
You don't know me, but you've never had a closer friend

I'm 3JP, you don't know who I am
I'm your stalker, I'm your number one fan
All your friends keep saying that you're acting absurd
When you're jumping at all the creepy noises you've heard
It's just me goin' through your mail and your trash
If there's something that I want I'll be on it in a flash
I'm watching you on hidden camera when you're at home
You may not think so but you're never quite alone
I've got pictures taken when you didn't know
In my mind we're dating; we're just taking it slow
I'm always watching you when you're getting ready for work
When you're changing I'm watching wide-eyed with a smirk
Creepin' up on you always gives me a cause to revel
You not knowing that I'm around boosts my enjoyment level
You may wonder how long you've been under personal attack
Ever since I saw you at that party a few months back

I'm a stalker, I'm gonna follow you home
Wherever you're going, that's where I'm gonna roam
Cause I'm a stalker, I've got my eyes on you
Best believe that I'm watching everything that you do
I'm a stalker, I've got your pictures on file
And I've been keeping a close watch on you for awhile
Cause I'm a stalker, I'll watch you to the end
You don't know me, but you've never had a closer friend

I'm a stalker, always two steps behind whereever you go
Always callin' your phone but never sayin' "Hello"
Cause I'm a stalker, you can't see me but I'm constantly there
I find a spot in a tree outside your window and continually stare
I'm a stalker, I knock on your door then run away
This is not the only time that I've seen you today
Cause I'm a stalker, I'm in every facet of your life
And I know for sure that one day I'm gonna make you my wife
Track Name: Turn Me Off
Turn me off. I can't do this anymore.
Turn me off. What am I living for?
What's going on!? I can't control my voice
What are all these sounds? What is all this noise?
WHO AM I!? WHAT AM I!? What am I doing here!?
I can feel a sense of apprehension building into fear
My heart is beating... jagged... doesn't feel right
Did they save me or enslave me? I'll put up a fight
Either way... Because slowly the memories flood
The last clear picture I can recall is the blood
And the blood and the blood and it flowed like a river
I felt warm in the puddle but couldn't help but shiver
As it took effect, death, slowly grasping my body
I smiled for the last time, but they must have got me
Now where have they brought me? Left my vehicle twisted
In the middle of nowhere, I planned so persistant
And I survived!? Now who's going to pay for this treason?
Who would bother to save me? I can't fathom a reason
I wanted release, I needed the end
And I sit patiently in this hospital bed
With my breathing returning to a state of calm
And fingernails digging daggers into my palms
My story isn't important, but I guess there's more to unfold
I feel different... transformed... my organs run cold
Turn me off. I can't do this anymore.
Turn me off. What am I living for?
But sedation and patience kicks off the violence
Stuck in confinement, I'm so scared of silence
And my sense of kindness is negative, minus
The trials and errors of this mental science
They released me a new man back into my life
And I vowed that this time I would get it right
But everything's different, now everything shifted
My senses are heightened and perception lifted
But this gift... doesn't override the raw emotion
They saved my life with rotors but this was no magic potion
I give up with every step, the biology is winning
Sometimes when you skip to the end you don't want a new beginning
And if I come back a third time and I am more machine than man
Then you can bet your life I'll destroy just as much as I can
I feel so logically tragic, feel the flaws in this magic
Turn me off for the love of god and let my brain dissolve to static
You can throw me in the attic, just another broken toy
Mutual understanding, it's okay, unspoken choice
I will thank you, new creator, with my hands around your neck
And as you choke on your vitality I'll ask what you'd expect
From a suicidal human to a murderous machine
You will fall prey to sleep forever because you woke me from my dream
Turn me off. I can't do this anymore.
Turn me off. What am I living for?