Fuck Yo Watermark™

from by $trafe

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I took your beat without asking (x3)
Everything I can get my hands on is MINE
I took your beat without asking (x3)
Copywrite? No really, it's fine

Did you hear that? Sounded like someone worked hard
To produce music to use and fuse it to voices like mine, but for no reward
Oh stop it, I sound wonderful. Thanks to you, thanks to the net
But the vocalist is the star, lest you forget
You can't stop me, I am everywhere
This is a free cab ride, no fare
You cry it, you scream it, I hear it and don't care
I write it, I steal it, these lyrics won't pair
But it doesn't even matter when the instrumentals bumpin'
Take me along for the ride, let's show the people somthin'!
Like move, move, and dance, dance
Monopoly, take a chance, chance
See it's really exquisite the way they want to visit
But really they're vapid in decisions of the things to which they listen

I took your beat without asking (x3)
You'll never even know, let's not pretend
I took your beat without asking (x3)
It's already done, another means to an end

Huh, sounds pretty good doesn't it?!
You heard some of it, and now you want a ton of it!
But more than a few verses and you'll soon be done with it!
Yeah whatever I can steal more beats, I run this shit.
Fuck yo watermark, I heard it there again
I don't need no talent, mark it up with this here pen
Record lyrics, easy peasy, decibels turned up past ten
Party vibe, morons love this, rap it up, compress, and send!
All I've got are words! (Modern era rapper)
All I've got are words! (Keeping them enamored)
All I've got are words! (Modern era rapper)
Everything's a blur! (And I won't use them in my stanza)
Stop it! You didn't even pick a topic
A topic? Let me top it. Don't need one. Stop it!
I did my work, fill another track
Fuck your watermark
(Just like that)

I took your beat without asking (x3)
No remorse, just hand me a song
I took your beat without asking (x3)
You were the driving force all along

Let's not pretend like it wouldn't be boring
Without my voice here, leave you snoring
Despite the obvious rhyme
Like I overstay my welcome that was clear
But let me overstate this here
I can do this like all of the time
And now you want to stop me! Cease and desist!
But I've got three words: CREATIVE COMMONS, BITCH
So let me hijack the damn track, and do it for no money
This is what happens when you put music on the net you dummy!
Let me make this clear: You're not in control
Let me make this clear: I don't really care
I'll rap on anything, any time, anywhere
With or without a watermark, create my wares
I'm a rapper! It's in my DNA, in my blood
Watermark it so much that you cause a damn flood
We all know who is the talented one when they ask me "Do you make your own beats?!"
...And I ain't even gonna be discrete

I took your beat without asking (x3)
Hey to me it's all just the same
I took your beat without asking (x3)
Everything looks to be fair game


from YOLO Forever, released April 18, 2017




StarF Minneapolis, Minnesota

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